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Planning Your Casino Themed Holiday Party

With August nearly behind us, there is no better time to start planning your perfect holiday party. Though the usual holiday celebration is fine, who doesn't love something that is a bit different? Casino themed holiday parties are entertaining and a great way to have all of your guests interact in a fun and lively setting.


The first and most important step in planning your party is setting your budget. This will help you plan all the details of your event including food, drinks, venue and entertainment. Always Fun Casinos has numerous packages that can accommodate all budget levels.

Choosing your Entertainment Company:

Hiring a reputable and professional company to provide your entertainment is essential. Some questions to ask when researching include:

  • Do you have a referral of someone who hosted a similar event recently?

  • Do you have recent photos of your tables/equipment and dealers?

  • Can the dealers offer tutorials to those who do not know how to play?

  • Do you provide your clients floor plans and do a walk-through prior to the event?

  • When do you set up and break down the event?

  • Do you have General Liability Insurances?

  • Are there any additional unexpected costs, such as travel fees?

  • Will there be a Casino Supervisor at the event?

Visit the company's website and social media posts, including reviews. Contact the company and speak with them directly. The level of customer service you receive during the planning stages will help you determine if that is the right company for your event.

Choosing your Games:

The next step is to decide which casino games you want to have at your event. The most popular games include Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold em Poker and Craps. Always Fun Casinos can help you determine how many tables you will need to allow for all attendees to play.

Complete the Planning:

Once you have decided on the budget, venue and entertainment, all the pieces should fit into place. Having a site visit with all your vendors (caterer, entertainment, event planner) will help get everyone organized for your event. A few more check in calls or messages prior to the event will help your event be a success.

Always Fun Casinos prides itself on its reputation and the quality of services we provide. Please contact us and let us help plan your next holiday celebration.


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