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What is Bingo?

Bingo is a game that can be played with as few as 1 player up to 100 players.. Each player plays against every other player, rather than "the house." The house only provides the game and maintains the integrity of the play. The house also verifies the wins and awards the prizes to the winners. Each player has a bingo 'card' that is a matrix of five squares by five squares. Across the top are the letters "B," "I," "N," "G," and "O." Each of the twenty-five squares is filled with a number.

Bingo games have 75 balls in play. Each letter in "Bingo" corresponds to certain numbers. "B" represents the numbers 1-15. "I" corresponds with 16-30. The letter "N" owns 31-45. "G" takes the numbers 46-60, and finally, "O" finishes the sequence with 61-75. The BINGO caller has a holder for all the balls and pulls one out at a time. Each ball is marked with a number.

Playing Bingo

The caller will grab a ball and call the letter and the number on the ball. For instance: "B - 4." If the player has that corresponding number, the player will mark that spot on their BINGO board.

Winning at Bingo

This play continues until someone fills their card in the pattern that was designated at the beginning of the game. When that happens, that player calls out "BINGO." At that point, the BINGO is verified and, if valid, the player will win the designated prize.

Bingo is usually played in sessions with several games played over the course of two to three hours. Games can be changed depending on what the players want to play. Variations include straight line BINGO, diagonal, postage stamps, 4 corners and coveralls or "blackouts".

Always Fun Casinos will provide all the BINGO supplies necessary (cage, cards, etc.), including the BINGO caller!

Contact Always Fun Casinos to learn about our BINGO games.


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