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Why Choose Always Fun Casinos?

Why choose Always Fun Casinos?

With the numerous amount of casino party companies in the mid-Atlantic area, Always Fun Casinos is repeatedly asked by clients "why should I choose Always Fun Casinos?".

While it is true that the casino party operators can all provide similar games at all events, the discrepancy in the quality of equipment, dealers and level of service can vary greatly.

Always Fun Casinos prides itself on the quality of our equipment. Each casino table is handcrafted in our workshop and completed with a customized playing surface which includes the Always Fun Casinos logo. All the casino tables match in color and style creating a uniform look your event. Each piece of equipment is inspected after each use. Any dirty or damaged equipment is sent back to the workshop for steam cleaning and repairs.

Always Fun Casinos only hires the most professional of dealers to represent the company. Our dealers all wear white dress shirts, black vests, black bow ties and personalized name tags. We look uniform and crisp at all events. Our dealers are there for our clients. They understand they are there to make your event a success. Not only are they experts in dealing the games, they excel in teaching the guests how to play.

The level of service provided by the owner, Matt D'Ercole, is first rate. From the submittal of a proposal to the event closure, Matt is there for the clients. His level of personal service and attention to detail cannot be matched by any other company. He actually prefers to talk to clients, rather than email! His willingness to accommodate and coordinate with all aspects (and people) of each event makes the experience smooth and successful for our clients.

While Always Fun Casinos may not have the lowest prices, we have earned the reputation of being the best in the industry and feel our prices reflect the level of service we provide. Always Fun Casinos began in 2003 and now does over 220 events each year. Please consider all these factors when choosing your next vendor for your casino event. The staff at Always Fun Casinos is there to help with all the planning to make your event successful!


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